Do-Cut Sales & Service to Enhance Product Lines

CANFIELD, Ohio – Do-Cut Sales & Service, a longstanding provider of outdoor power equipment, celebrated a successful year in 2023, with plans to expand product offerings in 2024.

Operating two stores, in Warren and in Canfield, the company saw steady growth in both gasoline and battery-powered products.

“2024 promises to strengthen our product lineups as manufacturers continue to add innovative new items to the marketplace,” says Jay Curry, vice president.

In response to these innovations, Do-Cut Sales & Service will showcase new battery-powered ride-on units and user-friendly handheld equipment in its showrooms this year, he says. Despite supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, 2023 marked a return to normalcy for Do-Cut, with fully stocked shelves and showrooms ready for customers.

The company’s service department grew “as factory trained technicians have joined our staff,” Curry says.

“Do-Cut also maintains an extensively stocked parts department for all the of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ here in our hard-working valley,” he adds.

Leveraging technology, the company uses social media platforms to connect with customers.

E-commerce plays a pivotal role in its growth strategy, according to Curry. While the stores offer hands-on experiences, the website provides extensive product information and manufacturer links.

Do-Cut Sales & Service employs 25 full-time.