Emerging Leaders: Two Women Acquire, Co-Lead McConnell Marketing Agency

Deanna Clement, Firm Partner, McConnell Marketing

Deanna exhibits strong leadership through her proactive approach, effective decision-making, and ability to inspire and guide team members.

With a passion for creativity and strategic thinking, Deanna has spearheaded innovative campaigns that not only captivate but also yield remarkable results.

Deanna’s distinctive leadership style is marked by hands-on collaboration, where she works alongside her team, fostering an environment of creativity and camaraderie.

Her resilience, creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence make Deanna a driving force at McConnell Marketing, inspiring her team to reach unprecedented levels of success.

Carson Lisko, Partner, McConnell Marketing

Carson showcases exceptional leadership by consistently demonstrating strategic thinking, fostering teamwork and driving innovation within the team.

Carson’s narrative at McConnell Marketing is truly compelling. Since her early days, she demonstrated a unique blend of creative brilliance and optimism.

As a leader, Carson adeptly guides her team through challenges, maintaining a calm resolve and embracing innovative ideas.

Her journey at McConnell Marketing is a testament to the transformative influence of a leader who not only achieves goals but also uplifts those around her. Carson is an indispensable force within the marketing landscape.

Nominated by McConnell Marketing

Pictured at top: Carson Lisko, left, and Deanna Clement.