Farris Marketing Adds To Client Base, Offerings

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Farris Marketing expanded its client base along with specialized offerings within the social media and digital media categories in 2023, its 38th year in business.

While most of the agency’s clients are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania, others are based in Texas and Florida.

“We’ve handled marketing assignments in almost every state and worked in the UK and South America,” says CEO George Farris. “Zoom and similar platforms have made life and business so much better because there is much less travel. Efficiency and client communication is improving while timelines for completing projects are shrinking. It’s a win-win for us and our clients.”

Farris has made it a priority to harness the advantages of artificial intelligence and other technical developments in marketing.

“When it comes to creativity and strategy, it doesn’t matter whether the solution is analog, digital or a combination,” says Makenna Ozenghar, vice president of client services.

“We start with the best message – the one that offers a cure for the pain a client is experiencing. Production must be perfect and media selection is based on the goal, the market, and the budget,” she says.

Farris Marketing helped launch a record number of social media campaigns in 2023. Content included award-winning graphics as well as video in various formats.

Farris picked up manufacturing and service companies and developed multiple B2B social media campaigns that are being expanded in 2024.

“2003 was a good year,” says Farris. “If everything planned works out, 2024 could be our be our best year yet.”