Firebean Espresso Brews Special Blends

SHARON, Pa. – Firebean Espresso is a coffee shop at 154 E. State St. in Sharon, Pennsylvania, that’s owned operated by Kim Conger and her two daughters, Mckenzie and Melyssa.

The Conger family moved to the Shenango Valley from Oregon about 20 years ago and noticed a lack of coffee shops. It was then that Conger’s dream of opening a coffee shop took shape.

“I knew one day I was going to own a shop,” she says. “I just didn’t know when it was going to take effect.”

Firebean Espresso originally operated out of the family’s home. The three women opened their shop in Sharon five years ago.

“We started off small with $40 and we made one of our bedrooms an office,” Conger says.

After years of analyzing the business as her two daughters grew up, Kim’s younger daughter, Mckenzie, pushed her to chase her dream. Her older daughter, Melyssa, stepped in a year ago after the business faced employment struggles.

“My youngest daughter, Mckenzie, wrote her book, [“The Fire in the Bean”] about Firebean,” Conger says.

The book details the start of the family business and how their Christian faith led them to the life they live now.

Firebean Espresso works with a roastery in Warren to produce its singular, creamy brewed coffee blends and menu that consists of 80 to 90 drink options.

“[We] got together about 20 years ago – before I even realized I was going to have a coffee shop,” she says of the roaster she uses.

The two businesses work together and experiment with various blends and flavors for their roasts.

“They roast [the beans] out in Warren for us and then they deliver them to us,” she says. “We kind of grew together. They’re like our family,” Conger says.

The expansion of their menu provides opportunities for growth of both businesses, Conger says.

Because of their customization of the coffee blends they sell, the shop offers espresso options. It also sells teas, lemonade, smoothies, protein shakes, refreshers, Italian sodas and for special events, shaved ice.

Each iced espresso drink comes with the option of coffee ice cubes to prevent diluted drinks as the ice melts.

Because her daughter Mckenzie is leaving for college, Firebean Espresso will pivot Aug. 20 to an online ordering system on Saturdays only, Conger says.

Pictured at top: The Conger family consists of Mckenzie, Kim, Melyssa and Marty.