Foxconn to Produce Pickup, Crossover

LORDSTOWN, Ohio – Hon Hai Technology Group, more commonly known as Foxconn, may produce two of its new electric vehicles – a sporty crossover and a new pickup – at its Lordstown plant, the company’s chairman announced Oct. 17 during Hon Hai Technology Day.

Chairman Young Liu said the company would put these “cars into production in Taiwan, Thailand and the U.S.”

As he made his announcement, an image of Foxconn’s Lordstown plant was projected on a large screen behind him, along with the two other locations. The event was live-streamed on the company’s YouTube channel.

“At the moment, we are also negotiating further cooperation with Indonesia and India,” Liu said.

This is a prototype of Foxconn’s Model V electric pickup truck, unveiled at Hon Hai Technology Day.

The Taiwanese global tech company showed prototypes of its new Model B and Model V vehicles at its technology show in Taipei.

Reports suggest that Foxconn’s joint venture with Taiwan-based Yulon Motor, Foxtron, would manufacture its new Model B EV crossover at Lordstown. The Model B is being produced with a partnership with Pininfarina SpA, the Italian auto designer.

Liu’s comments, however, indicate that the global tech company would produce its Model V pickup in the United States, and Lordstown is the global giant’s only EV manufacturing plant.

The Model V is the very first pickup in Foxconn’s EV portfolio.

Liu also stressed the importance of developing regional manufacturing clusters to enhance production efficiencies and is developing its own battery packs.

Foxconn completed its purchase of Lordstown Motor Corp.’s six million-square-foot-plant for $230 million in May. The plant was once General Motors Co.’s Lordstown assembly plant that for more than 50 years produced small vehicles for the Detroit automaker.

Lordstown Motors and Foxconn have also entered into a joint venture agreement that enables Foxconn to manufacture the Endurance pickup EV. The plant has started commercial production of that vehicle and the Lordstown Motors plans to manufacture 50 by the end of this year.

The Foxtron Model B, a sporty crossover, is a joint EV venture with Taiwan-based Yulon Motor Co.

Foxconn has also signed a manufacturing agreement with Fisker Inc. to produce that company’s Pear EV.  Production of that vehicle is expected to start sometime in 2024.

Another customer, Monarch Tractor, this summer signed a production contract with Foxconn to produce an electric, driver optional tractor at the plant.

And, more recently, Foxconn announced a memorandum of understanding with California-based Indiev to manufacture prototypes of its IndiOne vehicle in Lordstown.

“We’re ramping up operations in Ohio to realize the dreams of four unique customers,” Liu said. “Our build, operate, localize strategy is about developing regional manufacturing ecosystems. This benefits the communities they are happening in.”

Liu said Foxconn has operations in 24 countries, which gives it a distinct advantage to meet the demands of the EV industry.

“Supply chain resilience has always been Foxconn’s DNA,” he said.

Pictured at top: Hon Hai’s Young Liu says more EVs are in pipeline.