Gilbert’s Forms Strategic Planning Group

SHARON, Pa. – Despite economic uncertainties, geopolitical unrest, and inflationary pressures, Gilbert’s Risk Solutions says it’s prepared for a transformative 2024.

Gilbert’s sustained growth in 2023 by focusing on emerging technology enhancements, operational efficiency, and process optimization.

To keep moving forward, Gilbert’s is forming an internal strategic planning group. The collaboration, led by the firm’s president, Lew Kachulis, and a team of professionals, is aimed at charting a course for the next decade.

“Our growth from previous years laid the foundation, and now, with our strategic planning initiatives, we aim to amplify our success by harnessing the creativity and dynamism of our younger demographics,” says Kachulis. “This collaboration ensures we remain agile and responsive in an ever-evolving landscape.”

Gilbert’s Risk Solutions, founded in 1854, employs 25.