Goodwill Industries Sees Growth in Vision Services

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – One year after expanding its services and opening a 10th retail store, Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries plans on continuing to exceed its expectations in 2024.

The nonprofit organization will expand services such as vision, job coaching, job placement, career readiness training and career exploration. It also wants to expand vision services with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, according to Shelley Murray, interim CEO.

Goodwill increased vision services by 137% from 2022 to 2023. It also increased voucher grant funding by 133%. Both numbers are expected to increase more this year, Murray says.

Goodwill also hopes to increase workforce development services in western Pennsylvania in response to community needs, while aligning with the mission of Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries. The business
services division creates employment opportunities and provides professional services to businesses. These include janitorial, lawn care, commercial laundry and custom contracts.

“Our company is poised to make a significant impact utilizing the skills and experience represented on our team. Goodwill anticipates continuing an upward trajectory, bringing employment services and other valuable resources to individuals in our communities,” says Murray.

Along with Murray, Goodwill hired Joseph Catullo Jr. as marketing and relationship coordinator to focus on new opportunities in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Goodwill employs 292. Anyone can support the organization by donating online or at the 10 retail locations.