Humtown Products Changes Focus but Not the Family

COLUMBIANA – Humtown Products has been family-owned for three generations. Its story begins in 1959, when Russell Lamoncha opened a small pattern shop in Columbiana called Humtown Pattern.

After two decades, Russell’s son, Mark Lamoncha, bought a 25% interest in the company. In 1977, Mark moved Humtown into a new but related industry – sand core and mold production for foundries – and renamed the company Humtown Products.

After Russell Lamoncha’s death in 1995, Mark and his brother, Criss, took equal ownership in the company. Mark later bought out Criss’s interest to own 100% of the company.

Members of the third generation of the Lamoncha family are now working for the company.

Pictured: Mark Lamoncha is now the sole owner of the company his father began in 1959.