Jewish Community Center Installs Ice Skating Rink

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – A new synthetic-ice skating rink at the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown’s Gypsy Lane campus will provide a new option for outdoor recreation.

The 80-by-40-foot rink opened to JCC members Dec. 23, and will open to the general public Jan. 7. Admission is free. Guests can bring their own skates, or rent them for $4 ($3 for JCC members).

The rink, which is behind the JCC building at 505 Gypsy Lane in Youngstown, is made by Glice, a Swiss company. Smooth white surface tiles form the base, with dasher boards around it. A liquid is then spread over the surface that makes it slippery. The synthetic ice remains slick in all weather and temperatures.

The rink will remain up until at least March 28. It will be limited to 30 skaters per one-hour session. Skaters will be required to wear face coverings.

The JCC has also installed a Glice curling court next to the rink. Players stand outside the court and therefore do not need to wear skates.

In curling, players use brooms to guide a slow moving stone down the ice and make it stop in a circle, while the opposing team tries to knock the stone out of the circle.

Pictured: Emelia Sherin, JCC program coordinator, and Laura Weymer, director of health and wellness, stand in front of the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown’s new skating rink.