MBAC Certifies 58 Businesses

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Minority Business Assistance Center at the Youngstown Business Incubator furthered its mission in 2023, says Ayana Beulah, MBAC certification specialist.

MBAC has operated at YBI since January 2018. Since the center received the Tier II MBAC designation from the Ohio Department of Development in July, it has served existing and growth-stage minority businesses.

The Tier I MBAC at Valley Partners provides technical assistance and guidance to minority start-ups and entrepreneurs in the ideation stage of their business.

Working together, both tiers certified a combined 58 minority businesses last year, Beulah reports. That includes 20 women business enterprise certifications, 19 encouraging diversity growth and equity program certifications, 14 minority business enterprise certifications, and five veteran-friendly business enterprise certifications.