Penn-Northwest Fosters ‘Homegrown Initiative’

By Melinda Bowen-Houck
Director of Marketing

HERMITAGE, Pa. – Penn-Northwest Development Corp. marked another year of remarkable progress at its annual meeting in November. The organization’s focus on business recovery and population growth has reinvigorated Mercer County and earned accolades for individuals and companies contributing to this success.

Outgoing County Commissioners Scott Boyd and Matthew McConnell were honored for their exemplary volunteer work with PNDC. Their dedication and strategic leadership played pivotal roles in steering Mercer County through the challenges of recent times.

Local businesses Advanced Power & Energy and Rien Construction were lauded for substantial investments and job creation efforts. These companies exemplify the spirit of collaboration between the private sector and community development organizations.

Delany Lantz was recognized for her contributions to PNDC’s Future Leaders and Homegrown Initiatives. Her commitment to nurturing local talent aligns seamlessly with the organization’s mission to cultivate a robust and sustainable workforce in the county.

The Homegrown Initiative, a program designed to bolster re-population efforts, was highlighted at the annual meeting. This forward-thinking initiative, backed by funding from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, underscores the organization’s commitment to addressing workforce challenges.

The initiative takes a comprehensive approach, aiming to educate students and job seekers of all ages about the diverse career and lifestyle opportunities available within Mercer County and the broader Shenango-Mahoning Valley region. By creating awareness and showcasing the region’s potential, PNDC endeavors to attract and retain talent, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for the community.

The commonwealth funding is a vote of confidence in PNDC’s vision and strategy. It provides resources to expand the Homegrown Initiative to reach a broader audience and make a significant impact on population growth.

By investing in education and awareness, PNDC is nurturing a pipeline of talent that will drive innovation, economic growth and community resilience for years to come.