Savons Establish, Expand Boardman Medical Supply

BOARDMAN – Founded in 1982, by Felix and Theresa Savon, Boardman Medical Supply Co. now employs members of three generations of the family.

Robin S. Ivany, their daughter, helped start the company and currently serves as vice president and general manager.

The company is headquartered in Girard and maintains retail stores in Girard and Boardman.

Boardman Medical Supply has evolved to keep up with the changing medical-equipment industry.

In 2013, Sateri Inc. – the parent company of BMS – launched Savon Medimart to provide a cash-only retail store for those with no health insurance or unreasonably high deductibles and co-insurance. Among the medical equipment Savon carries are walkers, scooters, lift chairs, pain management, sleep machines and oxygen concentrators.

Boardman Medical Supply has also launched Pink Promises Post-Mastectomy Boutique, which offers assistance to women who have had any type of breast surgery.

In March, BMS began offering on-site COVID-19 testing at the Girard and Boardman locations.