Synergy Comp Focuses On Tech Infrastructure

SHARON, Pa. – Synergy Comp invested heavily in team expansion and infrastructure development throughout 2023. The company’s efforts included augmenting its workforce across various departments, from data analysis and human resources to claims handling and IT.

“We encountered some growth challenges as the market continued to add competitors and saw more price softening over the year,” says Chris Blough, president. “However, we used that
temporary lull in growth to focus on building scalable infrastructure and processes.”

The company introduced a product offering called “Synergy Flex,” which caters to smaller market accounts with premiums ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

“We will continue our focus in 2024 of improving our technology, gaining efficiency, and leveraging data to strengthen the company,” Blough says.

The company, which employs 26, supports local charities and provides scholarships for early childhood education and pre-K day-care services through the Synergy Comp Foundation.