Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

CANFIELD, Ohio – Artificial intelligence accelerates student learning and makes educators’ jobs easier, according to some Mahoning Valley educators.

Rachael Ayers, instructional specialist of education innovation at the Educational Service Center of Eastern Ohio, says AI can help educators complete simple tasks more quickly and help students be more creative.

AI can help a teacher write an email, for example. If it usually takes 15 minutes to write a rough draft, edit and send a professional email, AI can generate it in 30 seconds. That’s time freed up for the teacher to work on other things.

That doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but when a teacher has an hour or less of professional planning during the day, even a few minutes “is going to add up to time that they can spend looking at data, time they can spend providing a more detailed, complex plan to help students,” Ayers says. “Any time that you can save on a menial task is going to be exponentially beneficial to the students in your classroom.”

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