Ticket Sales Begin on Youngstown-Chicago Service

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Tickets are now on sale for daily flights between Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport following the resolution of technical issues today.

Tickets were expected to go on sale after midnight for Aerodynamics Inc.’s flights to Chicago, which are set to begin July 1. As of midmorning, no ticketing information was available on either ADI’s site or an airline that is handling ticketing for the service.

According to an email Tuesday from Dan Dickten, aviation director at Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, ADI ticket sales materials were to be loaded into the global ticketing distribution system last night. But ADI informed him that it would temporarily use the reservation system of Great Lakes Airlines, which is hosting ADI’s ticketing. Interested travelers could go to the Great Lakes website directly to book flights or would be prompted to go to the site at ADI’s site.

“This is just temporary until Sunday when bookings can be made at Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and other on-line reservation systems,” Dickten said .

As of 10 a.m., Great Lakes’ reservation system did not have any information regarding the Youngstown-Chicago service. ADI’s website only had a “Coming Soon” notice regarding information about the service.

Technicians with the Radixx reservation system were working on the Great Lakes site today to refresh the system so it will show those ticket sales, Dickten said.

Tickets can w be purchased at the Great Lakes site or by calling 800 554 5111. ADI’s site also has a link to the Great Lakes site for booking.

“This happens when you launch a new reservation system like this. We’re getting there,” Dickten said.

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