Barry Dyngles Postpones Queen of Hearts Drawing

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – This week’s drawing for the Queen of Hearts game at Barry Dyngles Pub in Austintown has been postponed, the restaurant’s management said in a statement today. The jackpot was expected to exceed $1 million.

“With all enthusiasm surrounding Queen of Hearts, our staff will be utilizing the next several days to meet with consultants in an effort to develop the best possible experience for our loyal customers for the coming weeks,” the release said. “With that said, the Wednesday, Sept. 23 drawing will be rescheduled to a future date with an exciting announcement at week’s end!”

The  drawings have attracted increasingly large crowds as the jackpot has grown, last week with an estimated 10,000 filing the parking lot of the pub and surrounding businesses. For the past two drawings, Austintown Police have directed traffic and shut down part of Raccoon Road near the restaurant before and after the drawing.

Eight cards remain on the board and the jackpot as of last week’s drawing was $778,203. Tickets for the next drawing will go on sale today at 3 p.m. and the restaurant will open for service at 4 p.m.

Calls to the restaurant for more information were not immediately answered.

Pictured: Doug Duganne, general manager of Barry Dyngles, reads the name on the back of the ticket drawn Sept.2.

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