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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Be the 17,000th follower of The Business Journal on LinkedIn and win a year’s subscription to our print edition.

It’s really no surprise that The Business Journal has a large following on the business-related social media network, LinkedIn.

What’s remarkable is that The Business Journal has TEN TIMES more followers on LinkedIn than EVERY OTHER media outlet in our readership area. (Heck, we have more than most media outlets in big markets like Pittsburgh, Cleveland— even Dallas and San Fransisco!)

The quality content that The Business Journal shares on our social media channels has catapulted us as the driving force of business news and well as other valuable information. We know that if you give readers what they want, they will “follow.”

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The 17,000th follower will win a year’s subscription to The Business Journal print edition!

The 17,000 “follower” will be determined after the number is achieved, based on the sort by date function minus the total number of followers in excess of the goal. If the winner is currently a subscriber of The Business Journal print edition, the prize can be added to the current subscription end date. The prize winner may also “gift” their prize to an non-subscriber. Management, employees and families of The Business Journal are prohibited from winning any prizes awarded by The Business Journal. There is no purchase necessary to participate.

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