Boardman Park Does More with Less, Report Finds

BOARDMAN, Ohio – In comparison to parks nationwide, Boardman Park has kept operating costs low while expanding its offerings, park Executive Director Dan Slagle announced this morning.

Citing the National Recreation and Park Association’s 2017 database report, Slagle said in a release the park is operating “in a very effective and efficient manner when compared to other similar agencies at the national level.”

The report found Boardman Park’s operating expenditures per capita were $35.64, lower than both the national average of $77.32 and the average for parks in similarly dense areas – 500 to 1,500 per square mile – at $72.63.

At the same time, the park has been “diligent in pursuit” of its master plan, Slagle said, as 23 major projects have been completed, representing more than $6 million invested in the park in recent years. 80% of that funding, he noted, came from government grants and private donations.

“Since 2009, the number of visitors has increased by 55% with 2017 setting an all-time record, where over 540,000 people visited and appreciated the many benefits offered by the park,” he said.

Park participation was also far above national figures with an average of 434 taking part in Boardman Park programs last year. Nationally, the average was 50, while similarly sized areas reported 76.

Elsewhere in the national report, Boardman Park’s operating expenditures per acre were $5,842, compared to $8,056 nationally and $7,169 for similarly sized areas. The park has 277 acres, more than 10 times the national average.

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