Boardman Park Receives 11 Acres from American Food Forest

BOARDMAN, Ohio – Eleven acres of land along Hopkins Road has been donated to Boardman Park by the American Food Forest Inc. 

One-third of the property, the former Kerrigan Nursery, is natural habitat, while the remained is greenspace that includes a variety of trees and shrubs. 

“It has been our honor and pleasure to give this land to Boardman Park,” said Susan Griesinger, chairwoman of the American Food Forest Inc., in a statement. “The preservation of greenspace is an important function in keeping the environment healthy.” 

The addition of the property brings the park’s total acreage to 294 acres, with 186 acres devoted to the preservation of greenspace and natural habitat. Greenspace and natural habitat contributes to making water clean, cleaning the air and returning oxygen to the atmosphere and providing habitat for wildlife, biodiversity and ecological integrity. 

“The board of trustees of American Food Forest’s gift of this greenspace demonstrates their awareness of the importance of preserving areas of natural habitat as well as their appreciation of the environment,” said Daniel Slagle, director of Boardman Park, in a statement. 

The trees will intercept 275,000 gallons of stormwater each year and will remove 140,250 pounds of atmospheric carbon. The overall environmental benefit to the community is valued at $33,000 per year as well as keeping the environment healthy. 

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