Bolt EUV Owners Share Driving Experience

DETROIT – In the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV: EV Academy video, “Getting More Out of Your Electric Life,” Chevrolet employees say driving an electric vehicle can redefine the driving experience.

Kelly Helfrich, EV charging and infrastructure manager, says she was driving to dinner one night and passing by gas stations when she realized how nice it was to be able to never have to utilize them again.

Not having to worry about the cost of refueling the gas tank on long trips is another benefit, adds Rob Mantinan, Bolt EV/EUV program engineering manager.

Up to $3,750 can be saved in fuel costs over the course of five years, says Chevrolet.

“It is absolutely one of those things that just changes the way you own a vehicle and makes it simple,” says Brad Wolf, Chevrolet EV advertising and marketing manager.

With the use of electric vehicles, Wolf says the need to stop for maintenance on spark plug and oil changes are also eliminated.

“It’s a cool feeling and simply hitting the accelerator and getting quick, nearly instant torque – zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds – with quick quiet smooth acceleration,” he says.

Another factor that separates EVs from other vehicles is the ability to track energy usage on the vehicles screens.  

Jesse Ortega, architectural chief engineer, says tracking energy use can help drivers receive they information they need to drive more efficiently.

“It becomes a sense of pride to see how efficient they can get,” he says.

The benefits go beyond just driving function.

The Bolt EUV satisfies the needs for a fun and roomy car, says Keith Buford, lead automotive driving engineer. He says the vehicle has plenty of room to fit his family of five.

“The car is effortless,” says Mantinan. “I tell people it is like going from analog to digital [radio].”

Source: Chevrolet

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.