Brain Gain Resources Page Lists Available Assistance

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The number of people looking to change jobs or make career adjustments is increasing, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Brain Gain Resources on the Business Journal website aims to make connections between great companies, prospective employees and the many places that train them.

Those interested in starting a business can find resources to help them recruit the people and other assistance needed to take the next step.

Free and easy to use, the Brain Gain Resources links provide websites, phone numbers and addresses of where to go for help and education.

Additionally, most entries include short descriptions on how that resource can be used to take the next step in seeking a job, acquiring skills or starting a business.

In the job seekers category, regional listings in both Ohio and Pennsylvania provide links to the job boards where there are thousands of full-time and part-time positions available.

Right now there are more jobs available than unemployed individuals seeking them, say BLS statistics. This is leading more people to consider leaving their posts for another, whether for better pay, lifestyle changes or new challenges.

If that next career step requires additional training, the Brain Gain Resources page has listings on all types, including career and technical centers, unions and apprenticeships, as well as higher education.

Those looking to gain a new certification or degree can find options for both part-time and full-time training or schools across the region.

Under the entrepreneurship category, browsers can find listings of consultants and professionals who gear their operations toward funding for startup enterprises, helping with marketing strategies and bringing innovative people together with the tools they need to bring ideas into fruition.

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