Brite Portfolio Company Launches Power System for EV Charging

CINCINNATI, Ohio– EdgeEnergy LLC, a portfolio company of Brite Energy Innovators in Warren, announced this week that it has developed a new product capable of expanding electric-vehicle charging infrastructure to rural and remote regions.

The EdgeEV100 is a fully enclosed system that serves as a power source for DC fast chargers, according to the company. A single unit is connected to existing infrastructure and plugs into a DC fast charger. The system uses patented technology to provide 3-phase power in ratings up to 100kW and, unlike battery storage solutions, can provide continuous on-demand power to the fast charging station, the company said.

The fully self-contained plug-n-play system is “easy to deploy and eliminates costly infrastructure upgrades,” states

“With the launch of EdgeEV100, EdgeEnergy is leading the way in providing innovative solutions to the EV marketplace,” said Greg York, founder and CEO of EdgeEnergy. “Now, all communities will be able to have fast chargers, not just those with access to 3-phase power. EdgeEnergy is proud to build the EdgeEV100™ in Ohio, and we believe that for EV adoption to be equitable DC Fast Charging solutions must be equitable as well.”

EdgeEnergy said the new units allow for more rapid deployment of DC fast chargers at a lower cost. Each unit is enclosed in a large, 12-gauge steel container and can be installed within a few hours with minimal site work.

The system can also be paired with additional EdgeEV units to deliver even more power to support larger chargers, the company said.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.