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The Battle for Attention

The number of distractions are increasing and customer loyalty is decreasing. Building and maintaining customer relationships in 2019 requires a different strategy.

To maintain visibility and drive more new business leads, companies today must educate their customers to dominate their market.

To that end, we’re building the Business Strategies Video Network (BSVN) to help our clients rise above the distractions and deepen customer relationships.

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More About the Business Strategies Video Network

The BSVN is the content marketing platform built for companies in our region to help them attract, retain and grow customer relationships and revenue.

As the definitive record of market transformation, The Business Journal is committed to delivering news, strategies and resources to educate and engage our audience of business and community leaders in the region.

Our goal is to help our clients expand their brand and also generate qualified leads through storytelling and education. This approach positions your organization as an industry expert and trusted advisor.

The BSVN contains resources such as episodic video content, articles and infographics designed to help our audience (and their companies) achieve operating and growth goals. This efficient and scalable platform enables leads to engage with your thought leadership and functional content 24/7/365.