Burgan Earns Top Honors for President’s Sales Club Awards

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — For the fourth consecutive year, Burgan Real Estate led all real estate agencies affiliated with the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors by having the most agents earning the President’s Sales Club Award for 2021.

The 23 Burgan agents who earned the award from the Ohio Realtors each generated at least $1 million in annual sales in 2021, according to a press release. With more than half of Burgan’s agents receiving the award, the 44-year-old, independently owned brokerage boasted the highest percentage of its active agents receiving the distinction.

“2020 was a year that none of us will ever forget. The pandemic challenged our industry and all of us, both professionally and personally, in ways we never thought were possible,” said Patrick Burgan, co-owner and broker of Burgan Real Estate. “To have Burgan Real Estate represented by the most agents receiving this award, not just for the fourth consecutive year, but doing it in a year where there could have been every acceptable reason why we could be better than in years’ past is one of the proudest moments we’ve ever had as an organization. There is no better example of our Better with Burgan culture, of how we embrace each other and how we empower our team to do whatever it takes for our clients to succeed than these 23 agents. They have earned this honor, our accolades and our respect.”

Agents who received the Award of Excellence, which is given to those who generate at least $5 million in sales, included Dennis Gonatas, who generated $6,732,288, and Tibitha Matheney, who generated $5,669,153.

The Award of Distinction, given to agents who generate at least $2.5 million, was presented to Valerie Park ($3,828,427), Karen Ament ($3,642,950), John Burgan ($3,192,750), Julie Mills ($2,744,574) and Jill Herock ($2,675,750).

Rounding out the recipients are agents who received the Award of Achievement for generating at least $1 million in sales. They include:

  • TC and Julie Bunevich – “Team Bunevich” ($2,402,784)
  • Rhonda Rance ($2,358,758)
  • Traci Hardy ($2,340,425)
  • Zach Struharik ($1,991,200)
  • Amanda Hamilton ($1,880,554)
  • Liz Salcedo ($1,663,570)
  • Steve Rogers ($1,623,750)
  • Kim Sauerwein ($1,460,961)
  • Joani Zarlenga ($1,268,700)
  • Kathy Battisti ($1,188,000)
  • Maggie Garland ($1,151,190)
  • Mandie Dillon ($1,140,850)
  • Stacie Maston ($1,119,375)
  • Lisa Goclano ($1,002,950)
  • Christine Gallaugher ($1,001,450)

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.