Burgan-Friedkin Offers Guide to Rejuvenating the Region

Rejuvenating a region can be such an exciting project. Breathing life into a community and watching what you built grow is something that can fulfill you in a way that not many things in this world can.

CLICK HERE to access the guide, courtesy of Burgan-Friedkin Commercial Group.

This task can seem daunting at first, and it should. There is so much that goes into large projects like rebuilding a community, but there is a way to make sure this is a low-stress experience for everyone involved. Surrounding yourself with the correct team, like a licensed real estate agent, financial strategists, accountants, architects, engineers, and more will make sure that your team has the knowledge on how to get this project done in the best way possible.

In a free guide provided by Burgan-Friedkin Commercial Group, Agent Lisa Resnick explains how traditional neighborhood solutions can be the answer to rejuvenating the Mahoning Valley.

Resnick walks readers through the steps of developing a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), including key points in the process like assembling your team, location research and planning, determining profitability, and the steps needed to be taken to obtain government approval of your project. One theme that is sustained throughout the guide is the importance of doing your due diligence in researching your project and taking time to address problems with your project before rushing ahead to the next step.

Click here to access the guide, courtesy of Burgan-Friedkin Commercial Group.

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