Business Directories Connect Regional Service Providers

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — A quick Google search for “website designers” returns four sponsored ads, a few companies that may or may not be local and a slew of search results for national service providers.

For a business owner in need of a local designer to build him a website, that doesn’t help very much. In an effort to connect businesses with the service providers that serve the region, The Business Journal is launching our own business directory lists.

Carefully curated from lists of service providers, the directories eliminate any need to search Google for the products and services a business owner needs. All companies listed serve customers in the Mahoning Valley region, so business owners know they are working with someone who is within driving distance, and are supporting the region’s economy.

The first list includes marketing and advertising firms in the area. Users can either search for specific services needed or can view all listings and arrange the list based on an agency’s specialty.

Specialties include branding, content marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, marketing analysis and website design among others. Each listing includes a brief description of the company, contact information and a link to the agency’s website.

“We know regional business owners are pressed for time as it is without having to search online for a local service provide they can trust,” said Jeff Herrmann, chief revenue officer for The Business Journal. “They need partners who can do the job right and don’t operate states away. That’s why we’re putting all these great, regional agencies in one place so customers can take advantage of the incredible talent we have right here.”

As the lists develop, The Business Journal will add more directories, including legal services, wealth management and accounting. Take a look at our current list of marketing and advertising firms serving the region at

Want your business added to or featured on a directory list? Contact Jeff Herrmann at

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