Business Journal Subscribers Can Now Customize Their Level of Access

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Locally owned news organizations survive through a mix of advertising and subscription revenue. Maintaining a local media publication with a positive mission is essential to a healthy local business ecosystem.

To that end, we’ve invested in our products (great journalism) and content delivery and publishing platforms to give you what you want, when you want it. As of July 28, we’ve implemented the ability to manage your subscriptions and customize your experience using our website.

You can now manage and modify your subscription to include several new newsletters and our brand new mobile app, which you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

Our current paid subscribers are already familiar with this feature. Many of you have already renewed your subscription using the “Subscribe” area of the website, and we thank you.

If you are a current paid subscriber and would like more details, please let us know by emailing

We’re now asking all other members of our audience to choose the level of access to content that they prefer by picking one of the three subscription options below.

A “Basic” subscription entitles our registered audience to five premium posts and articles per month.

The “Digital Only” level provides unlimited digital access to ALL content we publish for $5/month. This includes the eEdition of our award-winning publication.

The “Print + Digital” level provides unlimited digital access to ALL content, plus a print edition in your mailbox for $42/year.

We invite you to check your current subscription level of access by logging in and visiting the “My Account” page.

Current PAID subscribers should see no disruption to your service.

Not all online content is subject to the change. All content located under Online Exclusives and Workforce Development on our website will be available to view, regardless of subscription level or registration.

This content includes our DailyBuzz and Three Minutes With videos, Brain Gain features, Business Strategies Video Network and webinars.

However, users are now required to register for an account to access any of the three subscription levels. Those members will have control over which platforms they prefer to use, whether it’s our flagship twice monthly print publication, website, a variety of newsletters, a brand new mobile app, or a combination of all.

The goal is to deliver “what our audience wants, when they want it, and on the device/platform of their choice,” says Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of the Youngstown Publishing Co.

“Not everyone digests information the same way. Some enjoy the hardcopy newspaper, while others prefer the convenience of a digital alternative,” Herrmann says. “As industries across the board innovate ways to create a more self-service world, our initiative allows users to select how they want to experience The Business Journal based on their individual preferences.”

The strategy also empowers registered users to take the next step and become a paid subscriber. By selecting either the Digital Only or the Print + Digital Plan, they will have unrestricted access to all of The Business Journal’s online content, including the brand new mobile app on Apple and Android devices.

Those who do the math will notice that the Print + Digital plan is actually less expensive than the Digital Only, Herrmann notes.

“Call it an incentive,” Herrmann explains. “We’re proud of the work that goes into each print publication and we want our readers to share in the pride of receiving their own copy of a locally produced business newspaper published by a local journalism team.”

In addition to the primary content platforms, subscribers get free access to the new mobile app available on iPhone and Android platforms, as well as a selection of email newsletters featuring exclusive franchises such as Brain Gain, Voltage Valley, After Hours Youngstown and The Sports Enterprise.

“This is part of our mission to promote the growth of business, industry and quality of life in the five-county region,” Herrmann says. “We’ve invested in a continuous publishing strategy to deliver news, strategies and resources to the platform of your choice.”

Thank you for your support.

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