Butler Institute Board Delays Action on Museum Expansion

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Butler Institute of American Art’s board of directors wants to modify plans for a building addition before voting on it.

At its regular meeting Friday, the board discussed the 30-by-46-foot addition, but took no action. Board members like the design, created by architect C. Robert Buchanan, but issues concerning two large water chillers for the existing building’s air conditioning system must first be ironed out before they approve it, said Louis A. Zona, executive director of the art museum on Wick Avenue.

The board’s next regular meeting is in May, but an emergency meeting could be called before then to vote on an updated plan, Zona said.

The city’s Design Review Committee approved the $1.9 million project earlier this week.

The multilevel addition would be used mainly for storage of the museum’s ever-growing art collection. It would extend forward from the existing Beecher Center addition and would continue the glass wall exterior facing Wick Avenue. 

Large-scale art would be mounted inside the glass wall, making it visible to passersby and motorists on Wick Avenue.

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