Candace Campana Releases 4-Song Christmas EP

Youngstown-based country and pop artist Candace Campana has fulfilled a longtime goal with the release of her new EP, “Rocker for Christmas.”

The title cut grew from a conversation she had with her recording engineer, Pete Drivere. They were tossing around the idea of making a Christmas album and how to come up with something to write about that hadn’t been done before.

“I thought to myself, ‘What would I truly want for Christmas right now should Santa ask me,’” Campana said. The first two things she thought of were her two music heroes – Jonathan Davis and Brian Welch of Korn. Campana is a longtime fan of the hard-rock band.

“I want a rocker!” Campana thought, and the title track was born.

Both of those rockers would soon hear the song she wrote.

Campana had met and befriended Welch in the past. The rock star even posted Campana’s “Goodie Two Shoes Girl” album on his Instagram and Facebook pages a few months ago.

“He has been through so much in his life and uses his struggles to help anyone who may currently feel the way he once did,” Campana said. “That has always been my attraction to Korn. I have dealt with severe depression, but their lyrics always made me feel as though they knew what I was going through.”

Campana again spent time with Welch on Nov. 18 during an event in Pittsburgh in which he testified about his faith in God.

She brought him a copy of her “Rocker for Christmas” EP and told him that he and Davis are both mentioned in the first chorus.

“To my surprise, Brian started singing the chorus to me,” Campana said.

Welch then played the song so everyone backstage at the event could hear it, and pointed out when his name was mentioned. Campana said that got her crying tears of joy.

The EP also includes the traditional Christmas song “O Holy Night,” a highlight with its soaring vocals. “I have always wanted to release a collection of Christmas songs,” she said. “‘O Holy Night’ has always been my go-to song for Christmas, so I had to make sure it made the cut.”

“Rocker for Christmas” is available at all streaming sites. The EP is also available as a CD and can be purchased at The Record Connection in Niles.

Campana will perform the EP’s four songs and more at a Dec. 8 record release show at Cedars West End in Youngstown.

Pictured at top: The cover art of Candace Campana’s new EP, “Rocker for Christmas.”

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