Cares 4 Trumbull Commits $750K in Small Business Aid

TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio — Small businesses in Trumbull County impacted by the coronavirus pandemic are getting some help from the county.

On Friday, Trumbull County commissioners and the county auditor announced the Cares 4 Trumbull initiative, which will appropriate $750,000 to aid small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic, according to a release. Valley Economic Development Partners and the Trumbull County Planning Commission will see that the funds are distributed “fairly and expeditiously,” the release stated.

“In Trumbull County, we recognize that small business is the backbone to any thriving economy. Right now, so many of those businesses are struggling to stay afloat,” the release stated. “Our primary objective is simple: We aim to minimize the long-term economic hardships so many residents and employers of Trumbull County have had to deal with throughout this devastating pandemic.”

The program is intended to further economic development while increasing employment opportunities for county residents, according to the release.

Eligibility will be determined by a “concise but necessary set of criteria,” which can be found at, or on the commissioners’ website by clicking the Cares 4 Trumbull link.

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