Cerni Motors Partners with 2 Midwest Dealerships

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Cerni Motor Sales is joining with Iowa-based O’Halloran International and Indiana’s Uhl Truck Sales to form a partnership. Effective June 1, the three companies will merge to form TriVista.

Through the merger, the companies will each maintain their individual brands, but use a shared logo. In addition, each company will be able to share in volume-purchasing trucks and better distribute fleet trade-ins. Employees at each dealership will also be able to apply for other positions at any location, opening more advancement opportunities.

“We are excited by this opportunity because we keep our name and keep our family presence, but we can be a part of something bigger that can benefit our employees and customers,” said Vince Cerni, a third-generation company owner, in a release.

All three dealerships are family-owned and have multiple generations of family involvement. Each sells and services International trucks and leases and rents trucks as affiliates of Idealease.

Cerni operates dealerships just off Interstate 80 in Austintown and in Painesville. O’Halloran has four dealerships in Iowa and Uhl Truck Sales has dealerships in Louisville, Ky., and Palmyra and New Albany, Ind.

“I see a very bright future with TriVista,” said Uhl President John Shireman. “You can tell when the three dealerships are in a room together. We’re all just firing on the same cylinders.”

Added Jim O’Halloran, CEO of O’Halloran International, “We have all spent decades building trust within our regions and with our respective customers. We view TriVista as an expansion of resources while maintaining our identities and values.”

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