Change Makers | Rudzik Excavating

STRUTHERS, Ohio — Being a Change Maker doesn’t mean promoting your name, says Heidi Smith, controller for Rudzik Excavating. It’s about “being the background sometimes” to help the community.

Rudzik Excavating supports the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley and other area nonprofits, because the organizations provide “a positive path of change” for the community, Smith says. But during the coronavirus pandemic, some companies are notable to give.

Rudzik is in a “fortunate position,” says Jim Tressa, project manager, because the company has worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic. “Steady growth” since 1994 allows it to reinvest in the community “to bring the most prosperous opportunities that could be available,” Tressa says.

In their interview with Roxann Sebest, United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley, Tressa and Smith say it’s important to support area children and let them know there are residents who want to help them.

“We’re in a great community, the Mahoning Valley, and it seems like we’re always able to pull together,” Tressa says. “And a lot of that pulling together comes from people in leadership positions that are able to set the path forward where we can all united and come together as a good solid community, always looking toward a brighter future.”

With so much uncertainty currently, some companies are not in a position to give, Smith says. She acknowledges that Rudzik is fortunate that the company and its employees have been able to work throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“And being that we have been able to do that, we are in a position to be able to support all of these organizations,” she adds.

Since 1919, the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley has fought to make change through generations of impact. Our United Way has been fortunate to have amazing support for the past 100 years. We want to honor those partners, organizations, and businesses who have been with us throughout this journey to this milestone anniversary. Each month you will learn how they have partnered with United Way to make an impact on the Mahoning Valley and truly make change for the better. Our Change Makers know that to live better, we must live united.

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