City Announces Lower Fixed Rate for Natural Gas

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – For the next 12 months, city residents and small commercial customers of IGS Energy can expect to pay less for natural gas.

City officials established a 12-month fixed-rate of $3.34 Mcf for natural gas program members, down from $3.50. Residents and small-business owners can expect a letter from IGS to arrive on or around Sept. 17 explaining the rate, terms and conditions of the offer. The rate will run through the October 2019 billing cycle.

“We are pleased to make this rate available for our residents and small businesses,” says Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown. “The fixed-rate will give them price protection and budget stability as we move into the winter months. This is the lowest rate in the history of our program and, as before, our program has no early termination fee.”

Mark Burns, president of Independent Energy Consultants, advises customers to read the letter carefully. Anyone already enrolled in the program will only receive a rate-change notice and won’t need to take additional action.

New customers “must be in good standing and cannot be part of the utility’s Percentage of Income Payment Program,” or PIPP, Burns said. Residents who have chosen a supplier should review the terms and conditions of their current supplier agreement before enrolling.

“We’re pleased to continue serving the residents of Youngstown,” said Doug Austin, executive vice president of IGS. “We know this is a busy time of year for residents having to make natural gas choices. Any resident or small business may seek enrollment in the City’s natural gas program by calling IGS Energy at 1-877-353-0162 or responding via mail or internet as directed in the letter they receive.”

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