City Panel Recommends Industrial Green Rezoning of East Side Sites

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Rezoning several properties on five streets on the city’s east side will position those sites for future development, Youngstown officials said Tuesday.

The Board of Zoning Appeals and City Planning Commission voted to recommend to City Council the rezoning of about two dozen lots on Albert Street, Atkinson Avenue, Bennington Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue to Industrial Green from their current zonings, Mixed Use Institutional, One and Two Family Residential and Residential Single Family.

The properties are either owned by the city or the Youngstown City School District, said Hunter Morrison, a city planning consultant.

The properties include the site of the former Harrison Elementary School.

Nikki Posterli, director of community planning and economic development, said there are no specific projects attached to the sites, but the city wants to have land that is “site ready and shovel ready” when an opportunity presents itself.

“We’ve been passed on several times when opportunities from the Regional Chamber or businesses want to relocate because we don’t have the land available,” she said.

The city is undertaking the process to make sure it has properties to present when interested parties come scouting. The rezoning recommendations now go to City Council for approval.

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