CMT Featured at Made in America Product Showcase

CMT Featured at Made in America Product Showcase

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — City Machine Technologies Inc. is in Washington D.C. today to take part in the Made in America Product Showcase at the White House.

CEO Mike Kovach and his son Chip, who is vice president of engineering, will join President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, members of the administration and White House staff, as well as businesses from all 50 states for the event, which will take place on the south lawn and state floor.

“You think that it’s a joke or something when they call and say it’s the white house,” says corporate secretary Claudia Kovach.

“It’s really an honor to be selected because it’s only one company per state,” she says.

City Machine Technologies, or CMT, rebuilds and manufactures electromagnets for steel mills and scrap yards, and provides electrical, mechanical, machining and field services to industrial and commercial companies throughout the United States.

During the event CMT will showcase an American-made, 47 inch DASH (deep aluminum scrap handler) industrial lifting magnet that it manufactures at its lifting magnet division on Andrews avenue in Youngstown.

“We’ve been very successful with this particular design,” says John Strachan, an account manager with CMT.

The aluminum magnets are lighter than other similar sized magnets, making them ideal for use in the scrap industry.

CMT sells the magnets throughout the U.S. and in countries including Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, and Egypt.

“We’re a small company doing something that very few people are doing and this is just a great opportunity to showcase what talent we have in the Valley,” says Strachan.

Kovach says the event is also an opportunity for the Mahoning Valley to shed its rust-belt reputation on the national stage.

“It’s really nice to showcase something from little Youngstown. We’re back and better than ever,” she says.


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