County Health Department Adds COVID-19 Info for Businesses

LISBON, Ohio — In response to a state-imposed stay-at-home order, the Columbiana County Health District has developed a section on its website with information to help businesses understand its requirements.

The website,, includes a health notice issued by county health Commissioner Wesley Vins, which notes that under the state order, all businesses must cease operation unless considered “essential,” and outlines minimum health measures that must be taken by those essential businesses.

Among those measures include distance requirements, implementation of flexible sick leave policies, daily self-assessment of employee health, cleaning, and others.

Also included is a template for a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

“I would recommend to (those) who do not have a COOP plan for their business to look at getting one,” says department spokeswoman, Laura Fauss. “It is essential in a time like this to plan for succession in order for operations to continue, especially small businesses.”

The Pandemic Response Plan listed on the website for businesses to model includes an overview of what constitutes a “public health emergency” and how the business will respond.

It includes topics that should be assumed, such as revenues may decrease since the economy will be negatively impacted, disruption of goods and services the business depends upon, medical supplies may be in short supply, and little or no assistance will be available from state or federal agencies.

The proposed plan goes on from a Level 1 response, listing response activities such as discouraging business travel outside the country, backing up files to prepare for remote worksites, preparing detailed tasks and job sheets in the event a different employee has to take over, continuing on to a Level 5 response with more stringent guidelines.

Business travel, policy for leaving and returning to work, hygiene, infection control and reduction of face to face contact are also topics contained in the proposed plan for consideration.

The website also provides a variety of other up-to-date coronavirus information and advice, health-related information and news releases.

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