CSO Says Sustainable Future is Reliant on EV Growth

DETROIT – General Motors is joining the transition of climate strategies.

Kristen Siemen, chief sustainability officer (CSO) at GM, says they acknowledge that no two communities are impacted in the same way.

“Last year, we announced our Equitable Climate Action initiative to ensure that our transition to an all-electric, carbon neutral future is an inclusive one for our current and future workforce, customers and communities that may be more likely to disproportionately experience the effects of climate change,” she says.

Siemen says this initiative is based off of four key areas: the future of work, access to EVs, infrastructure and climate equity.

“As we move to a carbon neutral future, it is on us to lead positive change and implement inclusive solutions that bring everyone along,” says Siemen.

Ensuring their corporate sustainability strategy has been the primary goal of Siemen since she started he work as a CSO last year. She says the growth strategy is intended to make a better future for everyone.

“The pursuit of a safe and sustainable world is a passionate movement within GM; one that’s gaining momentum as our technologies reveal their increasingly profound potential,” says Siemen. “As a leader, an engineer and a mom, I am here to help break down barriers and advance our plans toward creating a world with zero emissions for generations to come.”

Siemen says they have used science-based targets that are aligned with the Paris Agreement to create a “cohesive strategy.” Goals include the introduction of 30 EV models globally and source of 100% renewable electricity at the U.S. sites by 2025, carbon neutrality in global products by 2040 and global renewable electrification by 2035.

Continuing partnerships and collaborations with global stakeholders are critical to meeting these goals, says Siemen.

“A shift this massive requires everybody in,” she says.  “Working together toward a single goal—an inclusive, all-electric future.”

Siemen say GM’s employee development programs address both business and individual needs. They also allow for recruitment programs that have the capability of reaching diverse populations.

“Our path to innovation starts and ends with our employees, who are fundamental to the vibrancy and success of our company,” Siemen says.

Evolution of GM’s hiring and employee engagement practices is continuing to be mad, says Siemen. She says their intention is to attract and support talented and diverse employees.

Source: General Motors

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.