It’s Complicated and It’s a Mess

In this issue, downtown business owners generally are supportive of Smart2’s goals but want help in the meantime. Also, the $21 million FedEx project in Hermitage, Pa., “is a spur to regional economic growth,” and we take a look at this year’s Youngstown State University football team.

MidAugust 2023 Issue

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Mercer County’s Homegrown Initiative Enlists Young Adults

Downtown Construction: It’s Complicated and It’s a Mess

‘Beautiful One’ Is Mercer County’s Shining Asset

Journal Opinion: Patience Needs Communication

Penguin Club Supports Dreams and Teams

Penguins Want to Punch Their Own Ticket to Playoffs

Davidson Solidifies Grip as YSU’s Starting Quarterback

FedEx Delivers $21M Project to Hermitage

Team NEO Reports Results in Efforts to Improve Talent, Equity

Strength Program Bulks Up, Protects Penguin Football Players

An Early American Story of the Shenango

‘A Lot of Pride Here’: Success Spans All Sports at YSU

$100M Renewable Energy Plant Goes Online

Want to Improve the Future of Youngstown?

The Butler Displays the Art of Rocker Paul Stanley

Lordstown Motors Says 13 Potential Bidders Are Looking at Its Assets

Ursa Major, America Makes Extend Partnership

StoneFruit Coffee Expanding in Michigan

Shenango Chamber Puts Focus on Membership

Commentary: Everyone Has a Story (If We Only Ask)

Commentary: An Instrument That Always Strikes the Right Chord

Magnet Partnership Aims to Boost Valley Manufacturing

Column: The ABCs (and Xs) of Rebranding

Fisker Unveils EV Model Planned for Foxconn Plant

Penguins’ Season Will Begin with a Party and Robust NIL Fund

Mercer Stakeholders Gather for Economic Summit

Ultium Cells Tells UAW: No ‘Practical Path’ to Join National Labor Agreement