Daily Buzz Gets a Makeover

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Daily Buzz is once more adapting to the times and changing the way it delivers local news in the Mahoning and Shenango valleys.

Its new format offers local news in a way that is fast and easy to understand, while new content expands the appeal of the Buzz beyond those looking exclusively for business news.

“We’re making the Buzz a fast, exciting platform,” says Michael Moliterno, who produces and anchors the Daily Buzz and is vice president of operations at The Business Journal.

“What we don’t want is for it to feel like a newscast. If I had to sum it up in two words it would be ‘informative,’ and ‘fun.’ ”

To that end, Moliterno routinely filters the news through obscure pop culture references and analogies, incorporates well-known movies or pieces of music, and creates pre-produced skits that help illustrate the story.

“What we hope is that you get all the news you need, but then you also search Google for seven other things that got mentioned but never explained,” Moliterno says.

As an example Moliterno points to a recent monologue about the auto industry, which included references to the Flintstones, the Talking Heads, Ric Ocasek, Weezer’s “Blue Album” and the first steam-powered engine.

“We’re hoping people will follow us down the rabbit hole and leave intrigued about a subject they may never have pursued on their own,” he says.

Jeff Herrmann, CEO of the Youngstown Publishing Co., says the revamped Buzz fits the times.

“If you’ve been busy on Zoom calls and in meetings all morning, the Daily Buzz is the perfect way to understand what’s happening in the market and enjoy a laugh or two,” he says.

“You learn something every time you watch the Daily Buzz. From more news about Voltage Valley transformation to a hidden gem of a pizza shop in Sharpsville.”

The Daily Buzz is sponsored by long-time supporter 717 Credit Union. 

“In this digital age, the Daily Buzz provides a quick, easily digestible format for highlighting the stories of the day,” says Eric Lanham, senior vice president of marketing for the credit union.

“As a community-minded business, we respect The Business Journal’s long-standing diligence in reporting news that is important and relevant, and appreciate the emphasis on highlighting the positives for local businesses large and small,” he says.

Videographers Maggie Young, Steve Peterson and Dan Hiner round out the team that produces the Buzz. Each member also appears in the videos regularly, usually playing an exaggerated version of themselves.

The Daily Buzz made its debut in November 2009. It was produced and anchored by veteran news anchor Stacia Erdos. Assisting Erdos was The Business Journal’s brand new video department, consisting of Moliterno, Jeremy Lydic and Tony Marr.

“We hope viewers will enjoy the new format as we strive to ensure the Buzz provides compelling news and high-quality fun,” Moliterno says.

Pictured: The Daily Buzz is produced by the Youngstown Publishing Co.’s video department. From left are Michael Moliterno, Maggie Young, Steve Peterson and Dan Hiner.

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