DC Wellness Cuts Ribbon at New Office

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Health insurance broker DC Wellness cut the ribbon Tuesday at its new office, 4495 Market St., after purchasing the building in July. In the time since, vice president Bob Gearhart Jr. said, the company has renovated and upgraded the office.

“We were working out of a construction zone for those two months, so we certainly appreciate the patience of our clients and prospective clients,” Gearhart said. “It feels great to finally have everything done and be part of the turnaround by taking a building and rehabbing it.”

DC Wellness, a third-generation company, is its 24th year of business. Last year, the company reported record growth, Gearhart said.

“My grandfather Chuck spent 42 years at Republic Steel and then LTV Steel in the benefits arena. When he retired from LTV/Republic, he decided to open a health insurance brokerage,” he said. “From those humble beginnings, we’ve grown to being able to have our own office, which feels great.”

The company also has a satellite office in Columbiana and is considering opening an office in Canfield. DC Wellness employs six, Gearhart said.

The 3,000-square-foot office was chosen because it’s closer to downtown, the company vice president said. Since DC Wellness is only using half of the space, it is looking to lease the remaining half, as well as the basement.

“A lot of what we do is on-site at our customers’ facilities. We go out and meet with employees and customers, so we need to have a base of operations but we don’t need a lot of people here day in and day out,” Gearhart said.

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