Patio Project for Whistle & Keg

Design Review Defers New Patio Project for Whistle & Keg

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The city’s Design Review Committee Tuesday deferred action on a proposed patio fence for a local downtown bar, suggesting the owners return with a new selection of materials and a slight design alteration.

Michael Thomas, who co-owns The Whistle & Keg at the corner of West Federal and Phelps streets with his brother Joseph, had wanted to construct a black aluminum fence in front of his building before the warm weather hits.

Thomas said he selected an aluminum fence because it’s uniform with other restaurants and bars in the central business district, and his is the only such establishment without outdoor seating.

However, Charles Shasho, the city’s deputy director of public works, said that those fences are becoming an eyesore to the downtown, as many that were put in place several years ago are now in disrepair.

The committee suggested that Thomas select another material to construct the fence – perhaps wood, wrought iron, or galvanized steel, which would match the bike racks that are installed downtown.

John DeFrance, an architect with Olsavsky Jaminet Architects downtown, also pointed out that the fence should be placed closer to the building, as not to interfere with an ADA ramp on the sidewalk.

The committee deferred the proposal until Thomas could return with a design that incorporated new materials that could be approved. Thomas agreed to revise his plans and appear at the committee’s meeting next month.

Ideally, Thomas said he would have liked to have the new fence in place by May, but noted that the alterations would drive the cost up and require additional time.

“This might push it back quite a bit,” Thomas said after the meeting. “I’d like to have this done by at least June.”

Design Review did approve designs for new banners that Eastern Gateway Community College wants to hang in the downtown area on light posts.

However, the committee could not approve the college’s initial request to hang four 3’ X 5’ banners on light posts along Federal Street, since the those posts are owned by FirstEnergy Corp. and not the city.

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