Design Review Panel OKs Entryway Changes at America Makes

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The city’s Design Review Committee approved exterior alterations to the America Makes building during a brief meeting Tuesday morning.

Following a short presentation by David Harris, principal architect with DPH Architecture, Canfield, the committee unanimously approved the removal of an overhead coiling door at the rear of the building, 236 W. Boardman St., and the replacing of the existing entryway with a double door. 

The changes are part of a renovation project that will involve converting the first floor of the America Makes building to a space for introducing to the public additive manufacturing and the institute’s impact both locally and nationally, said Andrew Resnick, America Makes’ director of communications and public affairs, in an email following the meeting.  

Part of the interior renovation includes converting the space at the rear of the building into a training and presentation area, but the presence of the coiling door presented issues with heating and sound control, Harris and Resnick said. 

“We’re converting that room to that use and we wanted to fill that opening,” Harris said. Once the door is removed, the space will be filled in with concrete masonry and painted to match the rest of the wall. 

Removing the coiling door, which overlooks the alley at the rear of the building, will limit the moving of large equipment in or out, so the existing door at the front of the building will be replaced with double doors, widening the entranceway to 72 inches, double its current size.

Work to execute the changes approved during the meeting should be complete by summer, Resnick said. About 80% of the physical construction phase of the interior renovation is complete, with the next big phase being the development of content and interior design elements.  

“We are on track for the project to be completed in early September, and are looking forward to welcoming the community into the newly updated space to re-introduce them to additive manufacturing and the America Makes mission,” he said.

Pictured: Among the renovations at America Makes will be the installation of a double door at its front entrance.

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