Domestic Disagreements On Retirement | Your Money

2021 has brought a lot of volatility to the market, and a lot of angst to investors.

Things can get particularly complicated when husbands and wives have very different risk tolerances.

“In many cases we just assume them to be universal and the same, but money is like anything else,” says Leo Daprile, president of Gem-Young Insurance & Wealth Advisors.

Daprile says his firm navigates a lot of clients through their differences by really drilling down of the reasoning behind their risk tolerance.

“We want to figure out why you feel that way,” says Daprile.

For many risk-averse clients, he says the real driver is a fear of being poor.

“More people are more afraid of being poor than they are desirous of being rich.”

Original Air Date: June 1, 2021. Every Tuesday during the Dan Rivers show on News Radio 570 WKBN, Gem Young President Leo Daprile hosts a radio show called Your Money. Daprile brings his vast knowledge of all things “money” to discuss the topics in language everyone can understand.

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