Don’t Test Positive for Buyer’s Remorse

Many people are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of viruses today.  However, for home buyers, a new illness is taking over that, though it is preventable, seems to infect everyone who purchases a home at some point in their lives.  Don’t worry, this virus does not impact your physical health, but directly impacts your mindset as a home buyer.  Of course, I’m talking about Buyer’s Remorse. 

The ink isn’t dry on the closing papers and thoughts begin to creep into your mind: Did I make the right decision? Should we have done this? Can we afford this? Did I get the best price? Is there a better home out there for us?  All of these questions are symptoms of Buyer’s Remorse.  This is the largest purchase you are ever going to make, so it is nature to question if you did the right thing.  But don’t worry, we have a cure to help you to the road to recovery and enjoyment in your new home. 

Don’t Get Wondering Eyes
You’ve spent the last few months scouring the internet for houses on the market.  You’ve formed a habit that you have become dependent on.  It is going to be hard to break that habit now that you’ve found your dream home.  Don’t let your eyes continue to search.  Looking at other houses is likely going to lead you to a FOMO, fear of missing out, on other properties.  Remind yourself how lucky you are to have the home you just purchased by focusing on the features of your new house that you originally fell in love with and, ultimately, what caused you to purchase it.

Make It Yours
A house is not a home until you make it yours.  Leave your mark on your new home.  Perhaps it is painting the walls with a new color, hanging pictures, moving in your furniture or even hosting a housewarming party.  All of these things will help remove buyer’s remorse.

Don’t Let People Pee in Your Cheerios
While many pop a bottle of bubbly or nice wine to celebrate the new property, some aren’t as enthusiastic about your purchase.  We all know people who can take the fun and excitement out of the happiest moments in our lives.  Should you encounter people who have strong opinions about your new purchase, don’t listen to them.  Whether it is the crown molding, the final sale price of the home, the location or the color of the walls, keep those voices out of your head.  Surround yourself with people who reinforce your decision to purchase your new home and make you feel as special as your new home is to you!

Buyer’s remorse is a common diagnosis for new home buyers.  The process of buying a home is long and arduous.  After buying your dream home, you can easily become susceptible to second thoughts about your decision.  Pay attention to your symptoms and realize that this is all normal.  Most importantly, it is curable by simply looking at the hard work you put into this decision and admiring what you have been able to accomplish in testing positive for a different type of label you now carry: a homeowner!

Submitted by Patrick Burgan, President, Youngstown Columbiana Area Realtors®.

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