Daily Buzz: Drive-Ins Adapt to Offer Entertainment

June 2, 2020: Drive-in movie theaters across the area had to readjust to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Some drive-ins closed concessions, modified facilities and dealt with changes to release dates for high-profile films.

“It really was a challenge to rethink how we’ve done things for 18 years,” Brian DiCiancio, Co-owner of Skyway Twin Drive-In Theatre, said. “Not have customers coming in, and now we’re gathering everything and taking it to the pick-up window.”

Theaters aren’t expecting new films to be released until the middle of June at the earliest. To fill the void local sites have begun to show older films, concerts and local high school graduations.

“We’ve got all kinds of things that we’ve never seen before, were people are contacting us because whatever celebrations or events they were having had been canceled,” Sheri Hocevar, Co-owner of Elm Road Triple Drive-In Theatre, said. “They’re contacting us to see if we can help them out with those, so we’re doing some things that we’ve never done before.”

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