FREE TRIAL: May 2020

Schools are closed for the rest of the school year. What does that mean for graduation? Curriculum? The digital divide? In our Brain Gain coverage, we dive deep into the challenges of remote learning and how area school districts are trying to maintain some normalcy while planning for school during COVID-19 for the rest of this year and into the next.

Also in this edition, landscape companies are hopeful for a blooming spring, local banks discuss the latest updates on the Payroll Protection Program and a new film takes a look at East Liverpool. Also, Guy D’Astolfo rounds area entertainment venues for their thoughts. Read it all in the May 2020 edition!

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MidApril 2020

  • Paycheck Protection: Round One
  • Aim Transportation’s New Normal
  • Stepping Up
  • Manufacturers Stay Open
  • Insurance Agencies and COVID-19
  • Flight Crew

April 2020

  • All (Mostly) Quiet on Business Front
  • Plugging the Brain Drain
  • Social Distancing at Construction Sites
  • Making Small Businesses Whole
  • Real Estate Pros Expect Rebound

MidMarch 2020

  • Voltage Valley
  • Health care industry
  • Succession Planning
  • Impact Makers: Brightside
  • Ed O’Neill
  • Flight Crew: Biker BrewHouse

March 2020

  • Royal Dutch Shell cracker plant
  • Boomerang: ‘Don’t write this area off’
  • Commercial lending
  • Family Business: Baird Brothers
  • Court Street Recording

MedFebruary 2020

  • Campbell Community Literacy, Workforce and Development Center
  • Down Syndrome Association of the Valley
  • Economists share hopeful forecast
  • Job training for women down on their luck
  • Black Sheep Bacon

Growth Report

  • More than 200 stories of growth and transformation in the region
  • Brain Gain panel discussions with middle school students

January 2020

  • WCBA Works to Keep Grads Here
  • Oh Wow! Teaches Next Generation of Coders
  • 2020 Economic Development
  • BBQ Comes to Elm Street
  • Fight For Your Life at 12 Rounds

MidDecember 2019

  • Creative Collective Aids Entrepreneurs
  • You Can Go Home Again and Make a Difference
  • Importance of Succession Planning
  • Impact Maker: Hearing Mission Foundation
  • Introducing

December 2019

  • Good-Paying Jobs in 6 Weeks
  • County ESCs Connect Schools with Businesses
  • Walkable Downtown is a Thriving Downtown
  • Remembering Mister Rogers
  • Robins Theatre Shines Spotlight on Warren

MidNovember 2019

  • Skills for Life Weld Future Careers
  • Impact Makers: Hoyt Center for the Arts
  • Press Club HOF Inducts Andrea Wood
  • Team NEO Studios Jobs Imbalance
  • Kids Speak: Will they stay or leave?

November 2019

  • Brain Gain: What Works, What Doesn’t
  • Teaching Workforce Additive Manufacturing
  • Never Too Late to Learn New Skills
  • NFL Helmet Challenge
  • Senior Care Roundtable

MidOctober 2019

  • Brain Gain is Teenager’s Business
  • Girls Get Hands-on STEM at Manufacturing Camps
  • How to Attract, Keep Young People Here
  • ‘Ask for Her’ to Help Fight Breast Cancer
  • Take Straight Path to Crooked Tongue

October 2019

  • Kicking Off Brain Gain
  • Valley Skilled Trades Expo
  • Columbiana County
  • Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories

MidSeptember 2019

  • Women in Business
  • Impact Makers: The Walnut Grove
  • New Faces at The Business Journal
  • Introducing The Flight Crew

September 2019

  • YSU Penguin Preview
  • Shenango Valley
  • What’s next for The Business Journal?
  • What’s next for the local news landscape?

MidAugust 2019

  • Butler Institute of American Art | 100 Years
  • Tax reform roundtable

MidMay 2019

  • Rally Around Small Business
  • Business grow from small to BIG
  • African-American business owners
  • 70 Years at HBK