East High Assistant Principal Earns Leadership Award

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – East High School Assistant Principal Henrietta Williams has been selected for a leadership award from the Ohio Network of High Schools That Work.

HSTW is a framework that provides direction for schools to improve academic and career-technical instruction. Ohio has been part of the network since 1999.

Williams was nominated by East High School Principal Debra Campbell.

“Henrietta’s dedication to our scholars has never been more evident, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Her leadership in developing protocols and creating a safe school environment made her a perfect candidate for the award,” Campbell says.

Williams was born and raised in Youngstown and is a product of the Youngstown City School District. She earned her bachelor and master degrees at Youngstown State University and has worked for the district for over 40 years. She has served as a teacher, coach, and principal during her career.

Her teaching philosophy centers on a proverb she heard many years ago: “Each one, teach one.” The saying originated in the United States during slavery, when Africans were denied education.

“When someone learns how to read and write, it becomes their responsibility to teach someone else. The idea is to spread knowledge for the betterment of your community,” Williams says.

“Over the 40 plus years as an educator, I have been blessed to work with thousands of students and families in Youngstown. I hope I have impacted and taught my students the importance of education so they could utilize that knowledge for our community and society.”

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