Efficiency is Made Easy through EV Energy Screens

DETROIT – Electric vehicles are further becoming easier to monitor.

EV energy screens are now being implemented in electric vehicles. These screens track energy use and help drivers utilize their vehicle’s energy more efficiently.

In order to help drivers monitor their driving habits, four pages filled with vehicle’s energy use data can be found on the “Energy” tab on the infotainment system’s Energy App.

Information is monitored, such as how much energy is being used during acceleration and how much energy is being saved during regenerative breaking.

An additional “Impacts” screen breaks down four key range factors – technique, terrain, climate and outside temperature.

The technique score tells EV users how well they have been driving. This allows drivers to see where to improve driving habits that may help them improve their range.

External factors are monitored through the terrain score, such as driving uphill, downhill or driving with heavy luggage on the top rack.

Climate controls can also impact vehicle range. The climate settings score allows drivers to see this and make adjustments.

Batteries perform best at certain temperatures. This is why there is an outside temperature feature, which shows drivers how seasonal weather may be impacting their range and driving experience.

Chevrolet says that being aware of these four factors ensures that EV drivers can achieve maximum efficiency by being able to adjust their habits in real-time.

Every time a full charge is reached, the information on the EV Energy App restarts.

A “Flow” screen is also available, showing when the motor is using energy and when energy is being brought back to the battery through regenerative breaking.

Drivers can also view the average miles achieved per kilowatt during the past 50 miles through the “History” screen highlights.

Energy use between full charges can also be found through the “Details” screen. This screen also shows how much energy for driving and accessories, climate settings and battery conditioning is used.

With EV energy screens, Chevrolet says that monitoring energy use within electric vehicles is becoming easier than ever.

Source: Chevrolet

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.