Ellwood Aluminum Adds Friggi Cutting Saw

HUBBARD, Ohio – Ellwood Aluminum has acquired a new piece of equipment that streamlines and speeds up the cutting process.

The company has installed an aluminum cutting saw, made by Friggi North America, that makes vertical, horizontal, angular and radius cuts to aluminum plates, blocks and bars without repositioning the material, according to a press release.

The saw’s rotating blade guide system makes precise cuts, saving workers and clients time and money. The saw can also be used to cut aluminum ingots, billets, slabs and coils to clients’ specifications.

“The Friggi aluminum cutting saw is going to reduce our processing time and increase our throughput with its high-speed capabilities and streamlined material handling,” said Patrick Callihan, president of Ellwood Aluminum.

The company manufactures large-diameter aluminum ingot and billet, rectangular slab, and cast plate. Its products are used in industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive and tooling.

Using vertical direct chill casting technology and a fully equipped lab, Ellwood Aluminum has capabilities for casting, processing and quality management of large aluminum ingots in round and rectangular aluminum slabs.

With dedicated melting and holding furnaces and a casting pit capable of lengths up to 360 inches, the company can meet any customer specifications, according to the release.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.