Ellwood Aluminum Invests in Its Workers’ Education

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Hank Stull wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he graduated high school. Following in his father’s footsteps, he found himself working in manufacturing.

It’s a common story among manufacturing workers, who can carry on through several generations, sometimes for the same employer. For Stull, however, his position as an entry level laborer was just the start.

Today, Stull works as the human resources/safety specialist for Ellwood Aluminum in Hubbard, where he’s been since 2014. Stull shared his story during a Brain Gain Navigators webinar on Nov. 15.

“After eight years, I decided to go back to school,” Stull said. “So I got my bachelor’s degree and then I ended up coming over to Ellwood and went back out for my master’s.”

Stull holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Penn State University, and earned his Master’s of Business Administration from Youngstown State University in 2020. For the master’s degree, he was able to take advantage of Ellwood’s tuition reimbursement program.

In his role, Stull is responsible for recruiting and onboarding employees and managing their progress with the company.

“If you have an interest that particularly pertains to the growth of the company or along company lines and you want to attend a school or trade school or a college program, we encourage that with tuition reimbursement,” says Scott Gregory, Ellwood Aluminum general manager. “It’s a very generous program, in which after hours you attend your classes and if you get good grades, we reimburse that cost to you.

“We do encourage that because it’s a benefit for everyone when people grow and learn,” Gregory continues. “Because that also provides opportunity and more avenues for advancement within the company.”

That advancement can include administrative tasks and roles or roles within the sales department, he says. Some individuals have advanced into the science and research side of the company, which is deeply rooted in chemistry.

Hear more from Gregory and Stull in the full webinar above.

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